Thanks for the concern lovely



[Pulling under her eyes she jumps when Seb suddenly appears by her side and starts rubbing the sleeve of one of his hoodies that she enjoyed wearing on the window]  What?  I’m not doing anything, nothing at all, there was just a spot here.  [She shifted her eyes before looking at him and smiling]  I do know that I wan to greet my two handsome men here.  [Tip toes to give Seb a kiss] image

Is he is trying to fight sleep?

-Sebastian smiled as he watched his wife before breathing out a small ‘Uh-huh’ then leaning down to give her a kiss as Monkey let out a small joyful squeal-

Little bit. I put him down and he just gets back up wanting to play. His nap ran too long earlier and now he seems to have forgotten the meaning of bed time. I was hoping a small walk might help.



It’s gonna melt if you keep playing with it like that.


[Standing infront of a reflective window, Jamie makes an array of strange faces, fussing with her hair and fixing her slightly day old make up]image

-Walking through the halls with Monkey, Seb stopped as he spotted Jamie making faces in the windows reflection. He paused to look at Aiden quizzically before walking to her side with the babbling baby in his arms- What are you doing?


"Oh…" He replied, swinging his feet as he let out a sigh "Good. I do not want to eat it. Gross."

"That’s alright. I gotcha."


Kane wrinkled his nose at the thought “But that would burn and cut my throat. How would that make things taste nice?”

"It doesn’t hurt humans. It’s just a…demon thing. I won’t put any though."


The hounds eyes widened “Oh! But salt and holy water… I am allergic to those” he replied, watching Sebastian with blue eyes.

Seb turned to look at him again and nodded. “Well, I won’t be touching those. Shame too. Salt is pretty useful in cooking. Things tend to be a little bland without it.”


The hound shrugged “Don’t know” he replied “Never really ate much human food” he added, pushing himself up to sit on the counter.

"Right.." Sebastian said with a small nod, turning back to his work and hoping he didn’t somehow managed to kill this boy with his cooking. "Guess we’ll find out if fish is okay for you to eat."


The hound let go of the demons hand and nodded “Yes.” He replied, stepping aside to let the demon do what he needed “It smells okay.”

Seb smiled a bit and gave him a nod, moving to start preparing the fish. “Okay.. You allergic to anything?”

Meat Loaf ~ You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

On a hot summer night,
would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?